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NeuroTechnologijos has greatly improved its digital presence
2020 11 30

 NeuroTechnologijos has greatly improved its digital presence to make sure you can find the information you need in a few mouse clicks. It is pleased to announce its new web site featuring valuable technical information  about its new NT Adaptive expansion modules and the NeuroMem neural network which is at the core of its product line. Our YouTube site @ https://www.youtube.com/user/neurotechnologijos gives you access to our latest videos showing the NT Adaptive boards at work. Finally, developers can download the latest version of our drivers and board support package at any time from our new github #@https://github.com/neurotechnologijos

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NeuroTech is a proud member of the OPC Foundation.
2020 10 20

 NeuroTech is a proud member of the OPC Foundation. OPC is the most widely adopted interoperability standard for secure, reliable and platform-independent information exchange in the world, with over 750 OPC Foundation members and thousands of OPC-compliant products.

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NeuroTech announces its NT Adapter PCIe board
2020 07 01

NeuroTech announces its NT Adapter PCIe board to add powerful AI capabilities to microcontroller boards featuring a PCIe bus. The PCI Express bus is commonly used in industrial equipment and its specifications can be found on the official site of the PCI-SIG, the community responsible for developing and maintaining the standardized approach to peripheral component I/O data transfers.

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New Neuromorphic Controller NT Adaptive PCIe
2019 04 08

The NT Adaptive PCIe is a fully parallel silicon neural network - it is a chain of identical elements (neurons) addressed in parallel and which have their own “genetic” material to learn and recall patterns without running a single line of code and without reporting to any supervising unit. 

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