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NT Adaptive controllers


Neurotechnologijos offers a line of NT Adaptive controllers and expansion modules featuring a NeuroMem® digital neural network with real-time learning and recognition capabilities. The inputs to the NeuroMem network can be features or signatures extracted from any data type such as signal, audio waves, images, videos, measurements and text. The NeuroMem neurons have the unique ability to work in parallel meaning that the learning of a new feature or the recognition of a feature never seen before always take a fixed amount of usec regardless of the neural network capacity.

In order to accommodate diverse applications, the NT Adaptive controllers and expansion modules offer you a choice of NeuroMem neural networks capacities ranging between 1024 and 9216 neurons.

The NT Adaptive expansion modules can be interfaced to a microcontroller board of your choice through PCIe, USB 2.0 and UART ports.
The NT Adaptive controllers have a built-in ARM microcontroller of series M4, power sources DC/DC, FLASH memory, real time clock, Ethernet port, USB 2.0 port, and LED indicators to report status and ongoing processes. Communication with the NeuroMem neural network is carried out either via a serial bus I2C or a parallel data bus. Finally, the controllers come in two flavors to support either analog signal or video monitoring. The NT Adaptive model S is ideal to classify and monitor splines and time series, while the NT Adaptive model V is intended for image and video recognition.

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