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Fill Level and Cap Inspection




The NT Adaptive AI controllers and software automates

  • recognizes and sorts according to bottle type
  • identifies damaged and non-brand bottles
  • recognizes bottels according their characteristics such as:
  • bottle height, diameter, color or label
  • detects OCR/ OCV as e.g. the imprinted number on the bottle's nest



Cap Inspection

The cap inspection with NT Adaptive allows a high-precision measurement of an askew bottle cap. But NT Adaptive can do more than that. Starting with the presence check of the bottle cap and the inspection of the lock ring up to the inspection of the cap height, NT Adaptive masters every bottle cap. And this at speed of 30 bottles per second.



Fill Level Inspection

The Manager Analyst Events Software also proves of value in the bottling plant. For example to check if the fill level is matched by every bottle, an image of the bottle neck is captured and the fill level measured. Also before the bottling the bottle neck is checked for cracks or if its splintered.






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