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About NT Adaptive Controllers


NT Adaptive is a artificial intelligence (AI) pattern recognition device incorporating a microcontroller ARM of series M4, one or two chips СМ1К, power sources DC/DC, FLASH memory, real time clock, Ethernet port, USB 2.0 port, and LED indication of the status and ongoing processes. Depending on the neural controller model, NT Adaptive can contain 1024 to 2048 neurons. Exchange with the chip CM1K (or chips if there are two), can be carried out either via the serial bus I2C or parallel data bus, 25 lines. Power supply to NT Adaptive: 24 V DC.

NT Adaptive is contained in a housing made of ABS plastic with a degree of protection IP20. The housing of NT Adaptive has the possibility of being mounted on a 35 mm DIN rail.

  • S-indexed Adaptive NT containing 1024 or 2048 neurons is designed to identify splines (digital signals in form of a sequence of time series). The time series come from the existing MES systems via the Ethernet port with the use of specialised server software. The possibility of using asymmetric encryption schemes is provided for in the data transfer process.


  • V-indexed Adaptive NT containing 1024 or 2048 neurons is designed to recognise video (digitised video signals in form of streaming video or static video frames).
NT Adaptive PCIe
NT Adaptive 1024-S NT Adaptive 2048-S NT Adaptive 1024-V NT Adaptive 2048-V
Adaptive Neural Controller Adaptive NeuroController




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