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Trainable Neural Controllers
and AI Software

For Monitoring and Automation

UAB Neurotechnologijos offers a hardware and software complex "NТ Industrial Automation" for solving problems of recognition of any images, both actual video images and digital images of free-form signals. "NT Industrial Automation" consists of the software and hardware parts, respectively. The software part consists in specialised software for the retrieval of data from any MES system.

Neural Controllers Software Solutions

100 000 recognitions per second at 27Mhz
Less than 300 milliWatts per 1000 neurons
Lightning recognition of any models and logical action decision in milliseconds
Can remember digital models of text, digital signals, images and video
Digital neuro brains chips training in real time


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New Neuromorphic Controller NT Adaptive PCIe

The NT Adaptive PCIe is a fully parallel silicon neural network - it is a chain of identical elements (neurons) addressed in parallel and which have their own “genetic” material to learn and recall patterns without running a single line of code and without reporting to any supervising unit. 

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